Safety Consulting
Educational Programs

For pharmaceutical industry professionals who want to learn more about medication safety and medication error prevention, Med-ERRS offers educational programs. Based on your needs and availability, these sessions can range from one to three days.
The program may include sessions on:

  • Medication error prevention efforts
  • Causes of medication errors
  • Error reporting programs
  • How Med-ERRS evaluates the “safety” of trademarks including a mock analysis of a trademark
  • Specific errors related to your line of products (e.g., consumer products, generics)
  • Other strategies used to prevent errors related your products
  • Developments in regulatory requirements in various countries

The program can be tailored to your audience, as well as to your product line. Because we want the program to be as interactive as possible, we recommend inviting a small group of up to 6 people per program, preferably with your trademark and/or regulatory professionals.