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Looking for Those Interested in Medication Safety to Work on Projects With Us.
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ReviewerIf you are a healthcare practitioner interested in medication safety, please consider working with us on projects to help prevent medication errors. Med-ERRS systematically evaluates the potential for error with new product names, packages, labels and device design. Through questionnaire and graphics files sent over the Internet, practitioners position the item being evaluated within the environment it will be used and assess the potential for look-alike or sound-alike confusion.


The process is important and helpful in reducing the risk of medication errors. We need practitioners from all countries since many of the products will be used throughout the world. Projects take approximately 25-30 minutes to complete. Those who are able to complete the call for new projects will receive a small honorarium for their participation. If you would like to be involved, please click the “Sign Up” button and complete the following form. Please note: In order to receive your honorarium, you must complete a W-9 form. You can access this form after you submit your demographic information (click the “Sign Up” button below).

We will notify you when projects are being conducted in your country and you will be given an opportunity to participate.