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Uniquely suited to assist global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare technology companies in evaluating the safety of their products.

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Med-ERRS is dedicated to serving the pharmaceutical industry around the world to ensure medication safety during the naming, packaging, label design and evaluation process. Throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Asia and South America, we provide services that span a product’s lifecycle, from pre-marketing assessments at an early phase of development through post-marketing evaluations and line extensions.



Using Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) , Med-ERRS helps companies determine the likelihood that a proposed product, trademark, package label, package design, or technology system would be vulnerable to user error.

Collaborative Efforts

In order to provide the widest breadth of safety services, we often collaborate with other companies including name creation companies, market research companies, human factors engineering companies and law firms. These companies help complement the services we offer by providing another area of expertise beyond safety to the project. We are happy to recommend our colleagues for you to work with directly, or we can coordinate with them as your primary client contact, depending on your needs.

If you are a company who provides services to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry who would like to collaborate with Med-ERRS, please contact us.

Our Services

Quick “knock out” trademark service. Preliminary, internal top-of-mind staff opinions/reactions to proposed names.

Assesses multiple pharmaceutical trademark candidates at an early stage in the trademark development process.

Analyzes the safety of trademarks using health authority recommended tactics such as Failure Mode and Effects Analysis.

POCA (Phonetic and Orthographic Computer Analysis) is an analytical tool developed by the FDA to help meet regulatory requirements for a trademark.

Med-ERRS can evaluate nonproprietary names with the 4-letter suffix to ensure that it meets the FDA guidance criteria.

Med-ERRS uses a unique service to test names in Canada which corresponds to the Health Canada Guidance.

Advisory Groups

Med-ERRS coordinates and facilitates  advisory groups in which we gather key thought leaders from all over the world to introduce, discuss and consider solutions for difficult safety concerns.

EVALUATE-ERR is a risk assessment service that assesses a unique aspect of a productt, such as a dosage form, special packaging, or nomenclature strategy.

Technology Consults

Med-ERRS provides consultations to assist companies who specialize in medication-related technology, whether it is a specific device, medication use system or product such as infusion pumps, barcoding devices or automated dispensing cabinets.

Educational Programs

Med-ERRS designs and presents programs for pharmaceutical industry professionals who want to learn more about medication safety and medication error prevention.


Med-ERRS uses its knowledge and experience to design and review drug product packaging and labels.


Evaluations are performed in response to regulatory requirements or requests for label changes using various tools and techniques.

Human Factors Testing

Med-ERRS collaborates with human factors engineers to provide testing, which meets regulatory standards and requirements.

I have worked directly with Med-ERRS for the last two years. The team is extremely knowledgeable and professional, and a pleasure to work with. They are customer service oriented and offer training and educational programs. I appreciate the convenient and flexible approach to their services, which provides a variety of timing and pricing options.

Director, Marketing Communications & Trade Dress

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