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Name Creation Services

If your preference is a “one-stop shopping” approach to name development, Med-ERRS can offer comprehensive services from name creation to name submission, and even continuing through post-marketing.  Based on your specific needs, all the steps needed to develop a unique and safe name are used in our comprehensive process.

Med-ERRS understands the importance of a streamlined and coordinated process when it comes to trademark development and the need for one point of contact. Always with an eye towards safety, we will ensure a smooth process and a seamless suite of services from creation to submission while allowing you complete access to our team of experts.

Med-ERRS has strict standards and collaborates only with the companies that are aligned with our values and culture.  Our collaborative name creation companies have decades of pharmaceutical branding experience and are the best in their field.  These collaborations allow Med-ERRS to maintain the integrity of the firewall between the creative and the regulatory, which we firmly believe is the safest practice during the name development process.

I have had a collaborative relationship with Med-ERRS for over ten years, across many of their different services. Not only do they know Pharma name safety, but I can depend on them for expert regulatory guidance for my clients. ~ Founder

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Human Factors Testing

Whether required by the FDA or you want to determine how well your new or improved product is performing, Med-ERRS partners with human factors engineers to provide simulation testing to help reduce the risk of errors. The EVALUATE-ERR® Service may first be used to determine which risks are inherent in your product, then simulated testing tasks can be developed. By using simulation studies, we can conduct tests in settings that mirror where these products might be found, first to determine risk, then to develop ways to mitigate the risk.

We regularly collaborate with Med-ERRS to evaluate the use-related risk of drug and combination products. Their professional team provides vital insight into the clinical harm associated with user errors during human factors studies, which in turn leads to meaningful product design recommendations and regulatory submission documentation. Our teams work seamlessly together to provide comprehensive expertise on medical product usability. Director, Research and Strategy

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