Trademark Services

Objective safety evaluations of pharmaceutical trademarks should be conducted independently from the trademark development process.
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Med-ERRS provides trademark services focused on reducing the risk of error to improve the safety of the client’s product.

Name Creation

To streamline the process, we partner with name creation companies which enables us to offer a full suite of services.


Quick “knock out” trademark service. Preliminary, internal top-of-mind staff opinions/reactions to proposed names.


Assesses multiple pharmaceutical trademark candidates at an early stage in the trademark development process.


Analyzes the safety of trademarks using health authority recommended tactics such as Failure Mode and Effects Analysis.

POCA (Phonetic and Orthographic Computer Analysis)

Search engine that provides lists of health product names, ranked in descending order of similarity to the proposed names.

Biological Products Name Safety Testing

Evaluates non-proprietary names with the 4-letter suffix to ensure that it meets the guidance criteria.

Health Canada Brand Name Safety Testing

Unique safety testing process that corresponds to the Health Canada guidance from initial questions to a final report suitable for submission.