The ERRS MODEL® incorporates various techniques recommended by the regulatory authorities to evaluate the safety of trademarks, including:

POCA is an analytic tool developed by the FDA, and now also used by other regulatory authorities, to help identify and assess the similarity of a proposed proprietary name to other proprietary or established names, when spoken or written. It then assigns a percent similarity score to a given name pair.

  • Practitioner Input
  • Expert Panel Analysis

The ERRS MODEL®allows us to proactively help prevent medication errors by testing for potential look-alike and sound-alike (LASA) confusion with proposed trademarks. The ERRS MODEL also helps identify potential regulatory issues that may render a trademark “unapprovable.” Though generally used for reviews of proprietary names, the ERRS MODEL can be used to test proposed nonproprietary names, as well.

We recognize that each client has specific requests, so the ERRS MODEL has been designed to adapt to these requests. This adaptability also allows us to meet emerging regulatory guidelines.